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Violation of human rights in West Bengal and state terror by pseudo Marxists CPIM

By Suddha Satya Ghosh, November 22nd, 2007

 India map

In Nandigram of West Bengal, lndia, people are being killed and butchered and raped by them. They held some of their own men as pawns in a place Khejuri for eleven long months. They subverted all the efforts to settle this issue, even sabotaged an all party meet called by one of the Left Front constituent political party Forward Block. They feared that any solution in discussion table will lose their fascist grip on the state, because then other people will know that this regime's fascist dictums can be challenged and even thwarted. Now they entered Nandigram to capture the place in the name of their homeless supporters. As they are in power they made the police a mere spectator in the whole process.

It all started in the name of land acquisition for special economic zone that will have place for notorious THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY. People of Nandigram refused to give up their land that is their only source of income. CPIM - Communist Party of India and the West Bengal government unleashed terror on them, killing them at will. Mass media are being blocked to enter into the place for at least three days before and after the latest carnage. Still the few of their opposers who had already submitted to them in fear are being threatened with dire consequence if they talk freely to various media. Central security force, which has been deployed at the behest of the state government to keep peace and to counter fear is enraged at the roll continuously being played by state police force and administration. Murderers are being freed by police if they are from ruling party and arrested by CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force). They with their international and national contacts are perverting the truth and trying hard to hush up this state sponsored massacre. We need your help to mobilize an international opinion against it. Please see my community and if you need any more authentic document I will send you soon. Just let me know. In Brazil a movement of landless peasants is on going. You will understand our situation I hope.

Once on 14th march Karl Marx died. In another 14th march of 2007 COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MARXIST) cadres dressed in police uniforms and with police escorts attacked Nandigram. All media were prevented to enter in it by these cadres and the same government's police. They killed by firing on a virtually un-armed mob who were peacefully demonstrating by singing songs for religious rituals (Hindus) and reading Quaran (Muslims). Official report said the number of death was only 14 and we know many bodies were taken to other places and left on the road after severing their heads to avoid identifications. West Bengal Government is run by this CPIM. Central government, which is keen to sign nuke-deal with USA to become a good stooge of imperialism, has to depend upon the support of this political party to remain in power. Therefore it is not willing to take any action and this violation of all democratic norms continued. On 10th november again CPIM attacked the same place and killed another dozens. Some of their workers among who was a state minister's brother were caught red-handed by mob in the attempt of taking attacked injured with them to be killed later on. But the police registered a case against them in false names. It was feared that they will soon be replaced in Medinipur jail of West Bengal, India by others hired by this party to serve sentence for the real culprits. But ultimately these two people (wanted by CBI in an earlier case of murdering a good number of people in a place called Choto Angaria and moving freely as their party is in power and state police has no courage to arrest them) had been produced in the court and are now in jail custody. CPIM state leaders are thundering in open meetings that these peoples are their heroes and attackers (mostly hired anti-socials) of Nandigram are also worth hailing.

In actuality we are in the midst of a movement. West Bengal is a state in Indian federation. It's governance by a supposed LEFT FRONT led by CPIM is oppressive. They are not Stalinist; they are like social democrats in Europe who always betrays Marxist Thoughts in the name of Marxism. You have rightly pointed out towards a feudal nature. Yes, there are some feudal natures in every state of India. The state governance is not independent as they have no economical power or defense force. In most of the cases they are bound by Central governments whims and dictates. Communist Party of India (Marxist) came to power some 30 years ago. They dropped the very idea of revolution from their agenda to hold on to state power through elections. In India election is a very costly game. Most of the voters have no education at all. In some states candidates buy votes directly and in our state it is being grabbed either by muscle power or in the name of giving privileges to some of the followers. Now a new tendency had developed as we are voting machine. That technique is similar to USA President Bush's controversial victory in the last election. Anyway CPIM followers by turn flex their muscle as and when required. CPIM is now a party with corrupted leaders and followers. It held a nexus of police-criminal-party leaders to clutch to power in election after election. Another time I will try to write on this electoral process in which they are winning and growling it as people's mandate.

In another place Singur a more fertile land was grabbed recently by the government and handed over to TATA MOTORS, a capitalist organization violating even India Constitution that clearly says a land grab by governmental organization for private owner is illegal. The people and other intellectuals had protested and government crashed it with high-handedness. It most of the time even lied in legislative assembly and in other forum about the nature of the land and statistics of willing peasants to give up land. In Singur and Nandigram both the willing sections are mostly big land holders and wealthier ones, who have benefits in real term from the deal.

They supported this land grab and even threatened others with dire consequences. In Nandigram one Shankar Samanta who was said to be lynched and killed by protesters was among this section. He at the period of resistance movement killed one Selim Sheikh by firing from his two-storied building's veranda. Nandigram people had saw Singur and governmental high handedness. The protesters cut off village roads and destroyed bridges to stop movements of police-CPIM anti-socials and tried to defend their land. Government never came clear on not taking the land. Even after 14th march massacre led by police and CPIM anti-socials who intruded forcefully through cut off roads and blockades killing unarmed men-women and children, the Chief Minister of Bengal said they would not go to Nandigram to take lands as these people are not willing. But that was in passive sentence. So, the local leaders had kept on telling that they will do it in Nandigram itself. Party leadership never bothered to make these people shut up as it was in their mind too. They were waiting to recapture the place. And now after another massacre they have it, of which I wrote to you earlier. We fear that soon they will go for SEZ and chemical hub. Kolkata high court had termed police firing (masked though, actually maximum fire was from the anti-socials) unconstitutional and ordered a probe by a central investigative agency. But the central government led By Indian Congress (Indira) has to depend upon left front support in centre to be in power. They are just using this to get leverage for their liberal economical decisions (Global open market economy). So, they will slow down the investigation as that agency is under their fold.

Moreover Indian negotiation with IAEA at the behest of America was protested by this left from their pseudo anti-imperialist point of view. Now after recent carnage of which I wrote to you earlier had made them allow IAEA talks compromising all ideological differences. So, the horse trade had been done. Only a big part of intellectuals of this state are fighting for justice. Right now they are in a relay fast in a stage in Esplanade, Kolkata to press for justice. Even erstwhile CPIM sympathizers are in this protest. A situation of civil discontent prevails and governmental and CPIM'S naked threatening towards all who are protesting is going on. We fear that there will be more repression to come in the name of taming Maoist insurgency. Innocent people will be convicted, tortured and even killed in fake encounters.

Kolkata highcourt had termed police firing (masked though, actually maximum fire was from the anti-socials) un constitutional and ordered a probe by a central investigative agency. But the central government led By Indian Congress (Indira) has to depend upon left front support in centre to be in power. They are just using this to get a leverage for their liberal economical decissions (Global open market economy). So, they will slow down the investigation as that agency is under their fold.

All the media in India have their political compulsions. This protest against SEZ policies in India will harm their benefactors (advertisers and even owners or share holders). So, Nandigram and Singur are being kept out and if mentioned that is with a little importance and real analysis. So many forces contrary to democracy and civil rights are working hand-in-glove. You know it pretty well that most of the governments of so-called third world countries are cronies of imperialism. So, this tragedy in a small place is vehemently facing oppositions from much powerful sections. I will soon write to you and give some more details. Let me know weather this account helped you in any way or not.

Concerning Sitaram Yechury's comment

The Times of India - Nandigram not a case of law and order collapse: Yechury - 23 Nov 2007
"Nandigram forms one-and-a-half block out of 341 blocks of West Bengal. ... from
the minority community were massacred mercilessly", he said "in Nandigram, ...

Let me start with an interesting happening in my state in this spate of so-called industrialization. One Sajjan Jindal an Indian entrepreneur is establishing a steel plant in Salboni of West Medinipur district in West Bengal, India. There is no agitation or violence or state repression. The reason is Mr. Jindal took the land from farmers directly with adequate compensation in the shape of cash and jobs in his upcoming project. The land taken was less fertile and farmers are happy with compensation. But other businessmen refused to do so and often very audacious in their gesture like Ratan Tata of TATA group. They will not shed an inch of projected profit for the sake of a little more comfort of sufferers. So TATA's car project in Singur had faced stiff resistance from the very beginning.

The land of Singur is one of the best fertile lands in whole West Bengal. It is being noted in surveys of pre-independence India and also in post independent surveys by land and revenue department of state. Still, the state government had deliberately lied about the nature of the land in their project report for TATA car. This has been already challenged in Kolkata High Court. The case is pending. If I start compiling documents on lies it will soon be larger than any epic written so far. The state government at first asserted that the farmers of Singur are very much willing to part with their lands. They put the percentage of willing farmers to 95%. Then as the protest grew loud and clear they stepped back in statistical lies first in state legislative assembly and then in the court of law to avoid further slamming from judiciary. But we must know why these deliberations take place at the first place.

It is because they rule on the basis of terror. The present statistic of member of assembly seats shows that the Left Front had won at 235 seats and opposition parties are nowhere in 294 seats strong assembly. But if one goes through the count of votes the ruling front received a little more than 50% and rest lies with opposition. Moreover the total vote that West Bengal electorates applied in this election is less than 50%. So seat count does not prove the real political scenario.

At my earlier reportage I mentioned that votes are being manipulated by the ruling front with a great skill. Add this phenomenon with vote related result and one will know what this verdict stands for.

All the above mentioned facts and analysis had its place in mainstream print and audio-visual media in a very scattered manner. But why this is not being chased strongly by Medias, as they are the guardians of democracy in all over the world?

Are they? Throughout the world Medias are owned by private or state capital. In both systems they play those tunes only that suit them. We witness this very sharply at the time of war because of the magnitude of the incident. Medias turned partisan and patriots over night. They place irrelevant or manufactured data and arguments for the cause of warring nation. That nation may be the offender or defender in the war. Take for example the role US Media had played at the beginning of Iraq war. Certain individuals who took their oath to journalism by heart wrote in the other way had been sacked and branded as traitors. We all know this truth. At the time of less stressed happenings we sometimes fail to understand the actual role of Media in today's world. I from my personal experience know that journalists are human being and they fear for their lives, jobs and security. At the hour of need most of them fall in line with their editorial policy to save their skin. Though they know that the truth lies somewhere else they can not write it and if someone dares then obviously it finds no space in air or paper. That poor fellow becomes vulnerable to threats from high and mightier whose interest were hurt or questioned.

Even in this episode of land fight in Singur or Nandigram that happened. The medias those are opposing this brutality right now had played the governments tune earlier. They never questioned the wisdom of industrialization in this fashion. They never asked if industrialization is the only solution then why there are growing joblessness and discontent in USA, Germany, Britain, France and elsewhere in the so-called developed world? They never mind to answer that how exactly the Asian tigers like Hong Kong, Singapore etc collapsed with their thriving economy? Plenty of unasked and unanswered questions are there, yet they sang the song of supposed industrialization. Now as the ruthlessness of CPIM led government has came to fore and even they are not being spared to disagree they are shouting. It started in local and regional level will soon catch up national Media.

'Times of India' is a paper with capitalist background and others too. They are trying to promote liberal economy at any cost. Others are not different and let me tell you that one of the important channels in national level has its owner who is closest relative of CPIM politbueuro member and the General Secretary too. It played a conspicuous silent role in the whole episode. In other cases like state sponsored minority massacre in Gujarat, India it was vocal at the highest level. Now it is mum. Do I need to explain more? I remember Prof. Noam Chomsky's writings on this mass communication issue and I had found all his writing very much authentic.

I wrote those earlier paragraphs to make a base for my response towards a point raised by CPIM politbueuro member Mr. Sitaram Yetchury's comment in the Times of India. He said that Nandigram is a small block in 300 more block oriented West Bengal and the little problem it had aroused had been tackled by his party's government with haste. I do not call it a lie. Rather I will point out this as an example of 'truth manufacturing'. I read that at the period of First World War American President Mr. Wilson' government deliberately spread rumors of vicious Hoon attack in Belgium filled with horror to make the American ready for war. In the then policy of America it was maintained that unless being attacked by external force the state should not go to war. The publicity machine of American government had made a fool out of American commoners and finally participated in war. Present American government followed suit after the cold war and had started a shadow war on terrorism to curb out benefits for its military-industrial complex in Afghanistan and Iraq and soon in some other place. Mr. Yetchury's comment is a leaf taken out of that page. He is playing in national level politics. The ruling combination is UPA-Left alliance. UPA is consisted of Congress (I), RJD, DMK and such other parties. All other parties barring Congress (I) only are regional and they have no national level presence of importance. On the other hand Left have three state governments under them, namely West Bengal, Tripura and Kerala. They are supporting this Congress led government from outside. The Left have a strong presence in number of members of parliament from these states and are using their number leverage to turn and twist Central government at will. If they opt to withdraw their support this Central government can not pass the majority test in parliament voting against a probable no confidence motion and will be out of power. At the national level they are not being vocal. The opposition NDA allies are BJP, TMC and some other regional parties are trying hard to create noise. But that too is merely a stage managed one. BJP is a party connected with Hindu fundamentalist and most of the sufferers are Muslim in Nandigram. So they are only pitting this incident to suggest that in Gujarat massacre of Muslim minorities they were blamed as rulers but it is also true elsewhere. CPIM is supposedly a secular force and even they are doing this with minorities. They are playing this card to tame any allegation from CPIM and Congress concerning Gujarat. CPIM is in the back foot and they now are thinking many a time before criticizing BJP in minority issues. Thus far and no more is BJP's concern. TMC on the other hand had only one seat in this parliament and that is of their supreme Ms. Mamata Bannerjee. She is not attending any parliamentary session because she knew that she will not be able to do much with this little strength. Of course there is another point. The speaker of the lower parliament or Loksabha is a CPIM leader and by all means will try to dislodge any effort to launch a debate in parliament. Present debate on a rather vague topic of SEZ related questions had proved my point. Nandigram is a state subject and that is why it can not be raised in Parliamentary debate. So the whole debate with half heart and steam did nothing to serve purpose. We have to see Mr. Yetchury's comment in this typical politics of group interest context.

He made out this statement on knowing that there will not be any strong opposition to quash this and he was right. None had pointed out that if this is such a small problem then why it took CPIM anti-socials more than a year to move in that territory? Why for the past 11 months no governmental organization even police force ventured in Nandigram? Why booker winner Arundhuti Roy, social activist Medha Patkar, noted historians like Irfan Habib and Sumit Sarkar had to heat the road in India's capital city Delhi? I do not want to make the intelligencia list any longer. It is these people in state and national level are condemning the barbaric act. Peoples like Mr. Yetchury are merely a party spokesperson and manufacturing truth is their business is there business. That is the only way to grab and keep hold on power. This very man went to Nepal sometimes ago to facilitate a negotiation between Maoist and Nepali Congress to challenge autocrat King Gyanendra and in India they are against any political solution of Maoist insurgency. Know why this double standard they maintain? Just to keep a separate rational and radical face in international arena. They send rice to Castro's Cuba as brotherhood gesture, invited Hugo Chavez as a compatriot revolutionary, still holding populous demonstration using state machinery at will against American imperialism and give a red carpet welcome to McNamara, the Vietnam war criminal and the then USA policy maker. They invited notorious Salem group of Indonesia and DOWS Chemical to invest in West Bengal SEZ. Do I need to write more on their double standards? Do I need to write more why Mr. Yetchury had dared to put this issue in this manner? As far as I am concerned nobody can suppress the truth. I will like to sign off with an observation made by National Human Rights Commission chief Mr. Rajendrababu after visiting Nandigram in the present state of fear that this is a scar in the face of India as a nation. Like the Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court, he is also being hounded by CPIM big leaders as conspirators and biased observer for this. Is Mr. Yetchury listening? Please tell the entire world that no such place as Nandigram exists in the map of West Bengal and we are all talking about an absurd drama being penned by his party and directed by Mayakovsky, Marquez translator cultured Chief Minister Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya or it may be in a form of theatre of oppressed like August Boal. No death, no bloodshed, no forceful eviction, just a mere popped up play ornamentation.

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